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Daga 2000 Waregouse Front

Daga 2000 is a loyal partner and prime importer and distributor of toys with candy, jelly and jelly candy, chewing gums, lollipops, chocolate bars, wafers, cakes and more for Bulgaria and Europe.

The Company

Daga 2000 was founded in year 2000 in Shumen, Bulgaria as a wholesaler of sweets and candy products. After 23 years of service, the company spans across two modern warehouses, maintains more than 500 different products and functions as an importer and distributor for Bulgaria and Europe.

Daga 2000 Waregouse Front

Thanks to its long-term relationships with various manufacturers from Turkey and China, the company brings innovation and new high-quality products to the market ranging from toys with candy, lollipops, jelly and jelly candy, surprise eggs and wide variety of candy for kids to chocolate bars, cakes, and wafers. Daga 2000 is the official representative of many brands such as Nukka, Beyoğlu Çikolata, Nova, Candy Point, Hleks, ProSweet, Bobbo and Fenomen.

Best Integrity Awards

The company mainly works with wholesalers from Bulgaria and Europe and is always happy to expand their customer range. Their professional team of sales representatives are known to provide excellent customer service and will happily answer any questions you may have. You can find contact information here.

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The Mission

Thanks to their well-trained staff and experts in market research, Daga 2000 always aims to offer new popular products to the Bulgarian and European market.

Daga 2000 Work in Progress

The company’s main purpose is to maintain excellent communication not only with manufacturers, but also customers. With their perfectly designed distribution process, Daga 2000 guarantees easy and smooth delivery to all parts of Bulgaria and Europe.

Some of the Partners

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